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Cap tables & waterfalls

Cap table automation built for private equity

ClosingWell is the ultimate cap table solution for PE. View all of your cap tables in one place, automate equity awards, and instantly run waterfall scenarios.
Instantly view cap table support
Consolidated, single source of truth
Trusted partner to private equity
Gauge Capital
H.I.G. Capital
Middleground Capital
Mountaingate Capital
Ridgemont Equity Partners
Sentinel Capital Partners
Sheridan Capital Partners

How we help you

Built for

Private Equity VPs

Streamline Oversight

Monitor all portcos in one place with "track changes"

Ensure Accuracy

Automation keeps everything up-to-date
Disjointed communication
Tedious error checking

Automatic Updates

Signed legal documents automatically update the cap table

Instant Waterfalls

Instantly run waterfall scenarios for all of your portcos
Manually updating files
Building complex models

Simplify Equity Tracking

Automate issuances, buybacks, and board approvals.

Reduce Legal Fees

Potentially save $30k - $100k+ in annual legal fees.
Waiting for counsel
Excess legal fees

Improved Collaboration

Always in-the-loop with the deal team and management.

Effortless Record Keeping

Supporting documents instantly accessible for you and your clients.
Chasing signatures
Ad hoc requests

Put your cap tables
on autopilot

ClosingWell is built by former PE professionals who understand your workflow

Ensure Accuracy

Always up-to-date

Every change to your cap table is logged, synchronized with legal support, and accurately reflected in real-time.
Manually updating Excel
Saving down legal docs
Comparing multiple versions
One-click access to supporting documents

Legal Doc Automation

Custom templates and eSignatures

Convert award letters into reusable eSignature templates. Move faster and save on legal costs.
Waiting for counsel
Tracking down signatures
~$30k - $100k+ in annual legal fees
Draft legal documents and send for eSignature

Valuation Waterfalls

Fully automated waterfall models

Instantly run scenarios and create outputs for presentations - all with complete confidence and auditability.
Countless Excel hours...
Complex models
Ad hoc analyses and presentations
Instantly run waterfall scenarios

Your unified,
single source of truth

Monitor all of your portfolio companies' cap tables and waterfalls in one place. Invite management and counsel to keep everyone on the same page.
Before ClosingWell - disjointed communication
Consolidated, single source of truth

Easy to get started

White Glove,
Effortless Onboarding

Simply drop your cap table support and we'll hande the rest
We import your cap table
Templatize your legal documents
Build your waterfall
Train your Associates + CFOs

Let's Get Started

ClosingWell immediately pays for itself through legal savings. Streamline your cap table management to save time and ensure accuracy.
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