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Wire Instructions Security

Securely manage wire instructions

Automatically gather wire instructions from all recipients, standardize into a single format, and check for errors
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Trusted by security-minded buyers & sellers
Gauge Capital
H.I.G. Capital
Middleground Capital
Mountaingate Capital
Ridgemont Equity Partners
Sentinel Capital Partners
Sheridan Capital Partners

Save time, stress less

Smarter, easier, and more secure than email

AI Invoice Extraction

Drag and drop an invoice, get wire instructions

Validate ABA/SWIFT

Check routing numbers and Fedwire eligibility

Track Callbacks

Log calls and verbal confirmations

Transaction History

Instantly see if you've wired to an account before

One-Click Export

Get wire instructions into your bank portal without reformatting

Combat Wire Fraud

Robust security features to combat wire fraud

No more hand-typing

account numbers

Wire instructions don't have to be a pain. Replace email chains, copy-pastes, and painstaking error checking with a simple, secure, and automated solution.

Step 1 - Collect

Invite recipients, or upload invoices

Invite recipients to provide their wire instructions, or simply drag an invoice and let ClosingWell’s AI extract and check the wire instructions.
Sending tons of emails
Hand-typing & copy-paste
Incorrect routing numbers

Step 2 - Verify

Check everything instantly

Tag-team callbacks? Need lawyers or lenders to review? Share a single source of truth - not dozens of loose spreadsheets.
Triple-checking invoices
Finding old funds flows
Keeping track of calls

Step 3 - Finalize

One-click export

Get wire instructions in your bank or paying agent's format without reformatting.
Reformatting spreadsheets
Excel dropping leading zeros
Finicky bank templates
Export wire instructions to your bank

enterprise grade security

The security of your sensitive information is our number one priority. ClosingWell's security is vetted by third-party auditors and regular penetration tests.
SOC 2 certified
Multi-factor authentication
Bank-level encryption
Audit trail of all changes
Recipient identity verification

Loved by Associates, Controllers, and CFO's

"it's a no brainer"

Hear from deal teams and finance teams who made the switch to ClosingWell
ClosingWell has reduced the burden of checking and approving final wire instructions.
- Chief Financial Officer
…it’s so much easier to check invoices without opening tons of files.
- Fund Controller
The last thing I want to do is hound people for their wire instructions. Outsourcing that to ClosingWell is a huge win.
- Deal Team Associate
…with all the recent wire fraud and phishing scares, using a platform like this is a no brainer.
- Deal Team Vice President
ClosingWell caught mistakes that would have held up closing day - that alone made it worth it.
- Deal Team Associate
The Audit Trail is my favorite feature. Knowing that all changes are in one place helps us sleep at night.
- Chief Financial Officer

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